How to apply?: Panels and Papers

Submission of individual paper proposals or pre-organised session proposals for a full panel are welcome. Please note:

Session duration: 90 minutes

Minimum number of presentations per session: 3

Presentation duration: Not exceeding 20 minutes per paper

Session format: Usually presentation of individual papers followed by discussion and Q&A. Other session formats may be proposed.

1) Individual paper proposals (15 October 2019 deadline)

Proposals must be submitted through our dedicated online platform (

The following information is required:

  • name of author,
  • e-mail address,
  • name of associated institution; and
  • paper abstract of 350 words maximum.

2) Pre-organised sessions (15 October 2019 deadline)

The conference welcomes full session proposals that include a chair, three paper presenters and discussants (if desired). Session proposals may also contain four papers but must adjust the presentation time to fit within a 90-minute session.

Pre-organised panels/sessions may also be proposed. Proposals must also be submitted through our online platform ( Only the corresponding author will need to create an account and should submit all details for all authors as follows:

The following information is required:

  • name of all author/presenters,
  • e-mail address of all author/presenters,
  • name of associated institution for all author/presenters,
  • session title in the “title” field; and
  • a list of at least three presenters, paper titles, and abstracts in the order they should appear in the program (maximum total word count 800).

Acceptance (1 December 2019)

The Organising Committee will issue a conditional acceptance of proposed individual papers and sessions by e-mail to the corresponding author. Upon completion of registration, the committee will issue a formal acceptance letter to registered participants and list it as “Confirmed” on the conference website.

All presenters (including all session organisers and participants) must be registered for the conference. An individual paper or session is considered “Proposed” rather than “Confirmed” if all its participants have not completed registration. The status of “Proposed” sessions or papers will be updated to “Confirmed” once all registration is completed. In cases where not all participants register, the Organising Committee may make arrangements to reorganise a session with other registered participants and may change the title of the session if necessary. If, for any reason, a Session Organiser is unable to follow through on the commitment of Organising a session, the Session Organiser should contact the Organising Committee immediately.

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